Are your eyes glued to your phone?

You've seen it too- a family out for dinner, and everyone is sitting at the table together looking separate screens.  I freely admit that I'm guilty of checking my phone all the time. What are we missing out on when we play Candy Crush or text with friends?  

A recent  GeekWire article surveyed children around the world and found some (perhaps unsurprising) results about their parents' smartphone usage. 

It turns out that about a third of kids are feeling 'unimportant' when their parents are distracted by their phones.  Half of the kids wished that parents didn't use the phone so much, and the parents agreed.  Put yourself in their shoes for a minute, and remember how much you valued time with your own parents.

The antidote?  Commit to putting the phone down when your kids are around!  It's a hard habit to break, especially because apps and features are designed to engage us almost addictively.  Set your phone to a mode that allows only important calls and notifications to come through. If you are not even aware of how often you use your phone, a simple app called Checky will monitor your use. (It's eye opening, trust me)