Seattle area counseling for children, adults, and families

I love working with children and teens, adults, and people touched by cancer.   

Seattle Play Therapy for children and families


I work with children ages 4+ and their families. A variety of engaging play therapy and expressive arts techniques target issues such as problems at school, problems at home, emotion regulation, social skills, anger, family transitions, grief and loss, abuse and neglect, and health conditions or illness.  

Interested in knowing more about play therapy?  Click here to read a great article by Garry Landreth and Sue Bratton that explains the basics. Curious about the research supporting play therapy? The Association for Play Therapy provides this helpful document.

Seattle therapy for adults with anxiety and depression


I work with adults and young adults on issues such as family conflict, anxiety, workplace stress, depression, emotional regulation, self esteem, and communication skills.  

To me, the most important part of therapy is the relationship I build with my client.  You can expect me to be warmly direct and supportive. I use discussion and inquiry to help the client gain insight into their behavior and then help problem-solve solutions.  I help clients accept their emotions and learn how to regulate them so that they can have better success at work, school, and in relationships.

Seattle young adult, tween, and teen cousnseling


I use a wide variety of techniques, from art to music to traditional 'talk therapy' to support teens to find their path in life and achieve their goals.

Clients come to see me to discuss things like body image, healthy relationships, dating, identity, school problems, stress management, anxiety, depression, family problems, bullying, and pressures from peers.

Seattle area counseling for cancer and oncology

Those touched by cancer

The presence of cancer in anyone's life is a huge stressor.  Life does not stop when you have an illness!  You continue to face worries and challenges and it can be so hard to juggle everything and also take care of yourself.

Despite all these new pressures and questions, you can find ways to get support.  Cancer often change how you view the world and gives you new perspectives.  

When a person is diagnosed with cancer the entire family is affected. Fear, anger, sadness, confusion, and even feeling numb are normal emotions and each person copes differently. Children and teens often have different needs than adults and may process the experience differently.

Using my expertise in this area and sensitivity to your unique needs, I am dedicated to helping you and your family face cancer together.