I am doing my life's work and am excited to assist in your own professional development!  I have experience supervising interns and licensure candidates and providing clinical consultation.  My supervisory style is warmly direct and collaborative. I see our relationship as going far beyond me just sharing expertise to one of helping you create your own personal style, reflect on areas of growth, and enhance your skills.  I have experience with helping other professionals work through their burnout and trauma stewardship and confront that dreaded imposter syndrome. I am never done learning and find the ongoing research in our field to be fascinating. I help supervisees identify their own professional learning goals and my additional Master in Library and Information Science degree gives me solid expertise in finding resources for learning.


My professional involvement in diverse communities and the agencies that serve them has shaped the nature of my private practice.  I am both a Child Mental Health Specialist and an Ethnic Minority Mental Health Specialist. In addition to being a Washington State Approved Supervisor I am also a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor.

Currently I work in private practice with adults and children ages 4+ with a wide variety of issues and goals and have a special focus on cross-cultural health, cancer and chronic illness, anxiety, and play therapy.  I am an integrative therapist, meaning that I draw from several theories of behavior change and this lack of rigidity allows me to collaboratively tailor sessions to meet the needs of my clients.

I am a member of the Association for Play Therapy, the Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work, Give an Hour, and Open Path.

I offer both supervision and consultation.  What is the difference, you ask?  A supervisory relationship is not a short one, and focuses on the needs and growth trajectory of the individual supervisee. Commonly, this is when a candidate for licensure seeks supervision of their clinical practice and the many clinical issues that it may entail.  A consultative relationship may be a one-time or infrequent meeting focused on sharing some kind of expertise around a specific question or theme.  An example of this could be a clinician contacting me for a meeting to discuss how to address cancer in the family through play therapy.



$120/hr for individual supervision or clinical consultation

$90/1.5hr per person for dyadic supervision

Group case consultation offered as well, up to six clinicians, 1.5 hours, $60 per person.

Important note: Supervision should be a good fit for both parties.  I offer a free 30 minute face-to-face meeting where we can discuss styles, goals, and get a good sense for what our working relationship might be like.